Llyn ATV’S are suppliers of both electric and engine powered Log Splitters throughout Gwynedd, Anglesey and North Wales. Log splitting using traditional methods can be a tedious and exhausting task. Using a mechanical log splitter can take the hard work away, allowing you to split the largest logs with ease and in a very short time period.

Llyn ATVs Guide on Different Log Splitter Types 

Manual log splitter
These lightweight tools are easy to store and carry when traveling. They make for a great at-home wood splitter that is used for cutting firewood or for other home projects. They do require quite a bit of manpower, but are easier to use than an axe.

Manual splitters are either foot or hand operated.

Electric log splitter
Electric log splitters have increased in popularity since fuel prices soared. They are easy to use and weigh less than a hydraulic or diesel log splitter. Electric log splitters are also more cost effective than those run with Petrol or diesel.

These Log splitters are great for moderate use. They work well for cutting firewood at home . Another great feature is that they can be used indoors- though they are rather noisy.

Hydraulic Log Splitters
Powerful, fast, and big- hydraulic splitters are at the top of the food chain when it comes to cutting wood. They also have a larger surface area for cutting than the manual or electric type. Hydraulic wood splitters come in various sizes. If you are looking for convenience, you can purchase a smaller model to take with you.

Vertical or horizontal
A horizontal log splitter works well if you are splitting hundreds of logs each year. If you have heavier logs that you are not able to lift on your own, vertical log splitters can assist you best. Many models have the option to switch back and forth between vertical and horizontal.

We are stockists for Oxdale log splitters and also happily supply lighter duty machines for the smaller garden. Our service and repair department ensures your log splitter is maintained to a high standard.

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